UNI-LOC Support And Waranty

While we take every care during the entire manufacturing and assembly lifecycle of your product to ensure defect free deliveries, there are occasions when a UNI-LOC customer needs support with a product.

We encourage you to reach out and contact your nearest UNI-LOC dealer or stockist for any questions, comments, feedback or support. Support may even include repairs or corrections. If you are unable to obtain local support, you can always contact the manufacturer directly.

UNI-LOC Warranty Guide

All UNI-LOC products are guaranteed for a period of 3 years. UNI-LOC warrants that the applicable product(s) will be free from material defects in manufacture and will substantially conform to the published specifications under normal use, for the time period set forth accompannying the purchased product(the "Warranty Period"), subject to the following conditions. This warranty is provided to the original end user purchasing from UNI-LOC or an authorised reseller, and is not transferrable. Proof of purchase will be required. UNI-LOC products have to be used with due and appropriate care caution.

UNI-LOC is not responsible for any failure or defect caused by a third party product, whether authorised or not. This warranty is also not applicable to any third party products supplied along with UNI-LOC products and you are responsible for all service and repair needed for such products. This warranty is void if UNI-LOC determines that a product was damaged as a result of improper usage, handling or installation, misuse, unauthorised repair, modification or accident, or was not used in accordance with the product instructions.



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