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UNI-LOC Table Clamps, Table Clamp Column Kits and accessories help expand your capabilities almost limitlessly, as a photographer. Excellent engineering is visible from design to finishing. We have tried to obviously ensure that every little feature, and possibility has been addressed by us, before it reaches you..

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Table Clamp

The UNI-LOC Table Clamp is a heavy duty 'G' clamp made from extruded aluminium alloy. It may be used to secure tripod heads to any flat object upto 35mm in thickness and any round tube up to a thickness of 36mm diameter. The clamp is fitted with a standard 1/4' tripod screw.

The unique offset bore feature allows components from any UNI-LOC system tripod to be fitted. This enables the clamp to be assembled in a wide variety of configurations.

UNI-LOC Table Clamp

UNI-LOC Table Clamp & Accessories
Table Clamp Column Kit
All system tripod components may be purchased separately to fit the Table Clamp. A Column Kit for the Table Clamp, ideal for use in hides etc. is available. UNI-LOC Table Clamp Column Kit  

Universal Clamp

The UNI-LOC Universal Clamp is a simple compact device that enables the creation of a solid working platform in any array of locations, from a lamp post or a tree branch to a whel chair.

Constructed from a stron glass filled nylon, the patented clamp can be attached securely to most objects via a nylon webbed strap. The strap is simply placed around the selected object, adjusted to size, and clamped in place using the locking arm. Once locked in place, the result is a solid platform, suitable for most cameras, camcorders and accessories.

The UNI-LOC Universal Clamp comes with an adjustable angle plate and will also accept UNI-LOC tripod ball heads and pan and tilt heads.


UNI-LOC Universal Clamp



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