A simple but ingenius design that essentially provides a brace between the user and monopod through the adjustable arm and foot pad, offering:  
Increased stability and rigity to the monopod.
Control the monopod while changing lens, film or video tape
The ability to film panning shots effectively, unachievable with a monopod alone.
Folded Length
Extended Length
*Fits monopods with tube diameters between 20mm & 30mm

DuoPod supports you in more ways than one - by combining the advantages of a tripod with those of a monopod.

The UNI-LOC DuoPod helps you save wieght and remain highly agile, when you are shooting fluidly changing situations. Monopods provide good vertical stability but lack horizontal stability. Whilst a monopod is fine for most photographic still shots, it remains virtually useless for use with pan and tilt heads - especially fluid heads - unless the rotation about its axis can be eliminated. The use of a fluid head is crucial for obtaining smooth pan movements for film and video shots. With the introduction of the DuoPod, you can now eliminate this rotational movement.

The DuoPod is not a replacement for the tripod, instead it dramatically widens the use and commercial potential of a monopod for both still and video applications in combination with lightweight fluid heads which could not previously be utilised with standard monopods.

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  • DuoPod™ PRO
  • DuoPod™ In The Field (Images)


The DuoPod is a lightweight version of our DuoPod PRO model. It has many advantages of the larger model, but lacks some of the movements found in the PRO model. It comes fitted with the UNI-LOC 1600 monopod and the kit version also includes a lightweight video fluid head for use with camcorders including the new digital pro video cameras.

It may also be purchased separately as an attachment to fit other makes of monopods

DuoPod Attachment - Specifications
This lightweight unit attaches to any monopod with a column diameter of between 20mm and 30mm
  Length (including footplate) 25mm closed
  Width of arm 31mm
  Footplate 100mmx70mm
  Weight 0.63Kg
1600 MonoPod - Specifications
Made from aluminium alloy tubing, and high impact nylon mouldings, this is a two section monopod with screw lock clamping of the tube. The camera platform incorporates a 'D' ring strap fitting. A wrist strap is supplied as standard accessory.
  Maximum height 1575mm
  Folded height 880mm
  Outer leg diameter 30mm
  inner leg diameter 25mm
Weight .0.75kg






UNI-LOC Wrist Strap



The DuoPod PRO is our full featured model. It has many advantages over the smaller model, and includes adjustment that allow for extremely flexible shooting configurations.

It may also be purchased separately as an attachment to fit other makes of monopods, or you can choose from kit with a 2 section or a 3 section monopod.

DuoPod PRO arm only- Specifications
  Length 500 mm
  Width of arm 52 mm
  Footplate length 235 mm
  Footplate width 100 mm
  Weight 1.3Kg
With 2-section monopod - Specifications
  Overall length folded 856 mm
  Overall length extended 1565 mm
Overall weight .2.2 kg
With 3-section monopod - Specifications
  Overall length folded 635 mm
  Overall length extended 1550 mm
  Overall weight 2.14 kg






UNI-LOC Wrist Strap
UNI-LOC DuoPod PRO on stairs  
UNI-LOC DuoPod Pro, configured with a video camera, on stairs.
UNI-LOC DuoPod Pro in action. Confined spaces should not hold you back from getting the picture.
UNI-LOC DuoPod PRO on rocks  
UNI-LOC DuoPod Pro, on the rocks!
UNI-LOC DuoPod on the stairs
UNI-LOC DuoPod Pro in action.



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